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To provide quality insurance products and services that provide good protection for our policyholders with value pricing, To provide adequate reserves to pay losses, and To have a successful partnership with our policyholders, staff and agencies.

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Missouri Farm and Home Mutual Insurance Company is a farm mutual insurance company, and the oldest running company in Ray County. Missouri Farm and Home was originally organized by a group of local citizens in February of 1877, as The Patrons and Farmers Home Protection Company of Ray County. A necessity for the company arose because the existing large stock insurance companies would not provide coverage in rural areas. Initially, the company could only provide coverage within Ray County, and fire coverage was all that was available.

On February 7, 1901, the company was re-incorporated as The Farmers Home Insurance Company of Ray County. The company was an accessible mutual insurance company, in which each policyholder was assessed a portion of the total losses that had occurred throughout the year. In 1991, the Board of Directors decided that the company’s policyholders would be better served by making Farmers Home Insurance Company a non-accessible mutual insurance company.

The board of directors decided, effective January 1, 2018, to re-incorporate as Missouri Farm and Home Mutual Insurance Company. This new identity reflects the company’s coverage of the entire state of Missouri, along with the energy and progressiveness that flows through the company, its staff, and agents.

Missouri Farm and Home Mutual Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance products that can be tailored to fit the diverse needs of all Missouri residents. We partner with many independent agents across the State, and there’s probably one in your back yard.

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Board of Directors


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